Weighty issues

Since January 2008, I am in a constant fixation with weight loss. Which means, frequent visits to the gym and lessening food intake. So far, I have minimize eating red meat. No fast food since Jan 2008 (goodbye Jollibee and McDo).

I lost 5lbs. Not substantial for some, but good enough for me. My pants became loose in an instant. I feel light; and my endurance has improve. In six months time, I have to see my health bulletin if I am normal in all the tests. Last year, I have low good cholesterol, and I have elevated level of fats in my liver. Which is the main reason why I hit the gym and watch my food intake.

My ideal weight should be 143 lbs. I am 148lbs right now. I’m getting there. With much help from semi-vegan diet, yoga and meditation, endurance training and cardio exercises, I can attain my ideal weight in three to four months.

Wish me luck.


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