Another day at the office

I have been supervising people for four years now, and more than the enormous responsibilities given to you by the company/employer, the most difficult part of it really is managing people. I mean, how can you possibly stand when employee A is bitchy for the day because she had her period, employee B is too lazy early in the morning because he has not eaten breakfast, employee C is 30 minutes late. Add to that co-employees and supervisors from other department whose job is to annoy people early in the morning with delayed reports, and timeline delays.

No matter how good you plan your day the night before, it is just useless because external factors such as these keeps on bugging you day in and out. Losing your temper is just not an option in this situation because it will only get nowhere. And besides, the situation is not worth it.

The best anti-thesis would be to close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Or shut your self off and listen to Mika on your iPod. Or The Ting Tings.


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