Super Laugh-in!

I have been listening to Chico and Delamar’s program (The Morning Rush) for six years now. I admit, their Daily Top Ten is witty. It just makes me laugh, especially the funny topics (not to mention the green ones!). More than them, its the listeners who makes the show interesting. The text contributions to the Top 10 are great, well thought of, and smart.

Some of their memorable episodes are saved in my iPOD. So when I feel sleepy at work, all I have to do is play their best episodes and laugh! Even though I heard it for the nth time already. All the more challenging is when I listen to them while I am walking and suddenly Chico hits the punchline and Del makes this loud laugh which is so affecting that I couldn’t help it but laugh too. Darn, other people might think I’m a fool because I laugh alone. I really have to control laughing, but just can’t. What the heck, I am enjoying myself.

If you are not yet a fan of the show, listen to RX 93.1 (fm) every 6 am to 9am Mondays through Saturdays. I bet you, you will get hooked.


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