What I watch on TV.

I seldom watch television these days. So If I have the time, I have to choose something worthwhile, something that I will enjoy. These are the following.

1. Jessica Soho Reports. GMA 7, Saturdays. I love Jessica and the topic range that she dwells on her show. Very well research, and delivered in a simple understandble manner.

2. Ang Spoiled segment, Bubble Gang. GMA 7, Fridays. This is my upper. Watching Ogie and Michael V is just hilarious. They look good together; they complement each other. Some of their memorable episodes are in my iPod.

3. LOST Season 4. I am a big fan of this show from the start. The twist and turn of the storyline starting from the individual’s life background before they were trapped in the island, to the time when they were “rescued” from the island is just one hell of a ride. I am excited how they will end it in their season finale (Season 5).

4. The Office. The only American show where I can laugh every time I watch it. Not to mention I can relate to the jokes and the satire on corporate setting.

5. Pinoy Meets The World. I love watching V shows that feature different places, in a Filipino perspective.



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