It has to be done

The hard part of managing people is managing people. Their attitudes, their needs, their personal lives affecting their work is just too much for someone to supervise.

For months now, I really wanted to suspend employees under me due to tardiness and attendance infractions. I have been tolerating their deeds for the last three months knowing that they will improve the following month. To no avail.

Starting this week, I have to mete out suspension memo to employees who have incurred absences and tardiness more than enough to cover by our official Handbook. It is sad and I know that they will hate me for doing this but I have to do what I am expected to do. In fact, this is already long overdue.

Good riddance. Meanwhile, I hope that I can convey the message clearly–that I am doing this because they committed an error, nothing more nothing less.


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  1. Glad to hear that you are finally owning up to your responsibility for disciplining your people. Failing to do so as you have been doing is the fast road to poor performance. When your people learn that you will not enforce the rules on a timely basis, that means every time there is an infraction, those who follow the rules conclude that they aren’t valued and wonder why they bother to do so. Those who are not following the rules are happy and violate more rules.

    As a manager, you must be totally predictable as concerns discipline and I hope that you will change your ways.

    Best regards, Ben
    Author “Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed”

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