Pet Peeves (Version 1)

Originally posted by azli jamil in

Originally posted by azli jamil in

Anyone who do not have pet peeves, please raise your hands? Yes, all of us has its share of things, people, circumstances or what-nots that makes you boil. Here are my initial list.

1. People who line up at fast food chains and when it is their time to order, they are not yet decided what to eat. And the worse part is, you are right next to them and you feel hungry like wolf you wanted to eat them alive. Why lineup when you are not yet decided what to order?

2. Have you ever encounter watching a last full show where young parents would not mind inviting their toddlers to watch a GP movie and eventually would make a noise the whole time inside the cinema? Or moments where after the end credits roll, and the lights went on, those young parents would wake up their sleeping kids to tell them that hey, it’s time to go home. Yeah right, it is a last full show and your kid is better off sleeping in their beds than be there.

3. Late. Friends, acquaintances who show up late than what is agreed. There is nothing good in waiting.

4. People who smoke and don’t even have the courtesy to excuse himself from others who inadvertently becomes passive smokers.

5. Commuters in MRT who clogs the door entrance while the in-between spaces of the train couches are spacious. You cannot pass through because you thought it’s full, but no, it’s only on the door area. If only you can kick them out to occupy the middle portion so that other commuters can be accomodated.

6. Social climbers. They are just everywhere.

7. Radio DJs who pretend to speak fluent English when in fact, upon closer look, cannot make up a thought. Or introduce a song but cannot give some FYIs to its audience. Or fake his voice to make it radio-friendly.

8. Glossy chick magazines who features repetitive covers of local celebrities. Have they run out of celebrities to feature?

9. Friends who forwards nonsense texts/SMS even in the middle of the night. You thought it was an emergency text or something, but no, it’s just someone you knew who happends to be on a break from his/her night shift in a call center.

10. Telemarketers who calls you at the office offering credit cards and other marketing gimmicks. See, they know you more than you know them. Creepy.


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