I have not updated my Facebook account for the last months or so. I was engrossed on the other social network, Friendster, where most of my friends are. But I have to say that Facebook has a better feature, with good layout, and is pleasing to the eyes.

Right now, I have few friends yet as opposed to about hundreds in Friendster. I just have to encourage some Friendster members to be members of Facebook, too.

Social networking sites has been this generation’s way of connecting and checking what their friends and relatives are doing with their lives. This has also been an avenue to search for long lost friends whom you haven’t seen in ages–those kind of friends who migrated abroad, or transferred to another school during your high school days. You don’t even have to think how to find them and reconnect with them. All you have to do is type their names and press enter. You might end up finding them in Facebook or Friendster.


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