Because it has to be done.

I had the chance to be part of a company-sponsored two Saturday (back to back) leadership seminar. It’s been a while since we have this at the office, but this time though, the attendees are all department heads (managers, supervisors, AVP’s, VPs).

The thing with leadership seminar is that they basically have the same line of thought. The only difference is the approach and the games/activities that they want you to do. But for me, the essence of a good leadership seminar, is always dependent on the speaker and how he/she can engage the participants to cooperate and open up especially in discussions and sharing. He/she should be familiar with the clients situations and the challenges being faced up.

The bottomline is always the challenge: how, as participants, can they sustain and focus on the tenets that they learn from the speaker. Has the learning come across to the other side (meaning, imbibe and taken)? The burden is not on the speaker who did the seminar, but rather on the participants to apply what he/she learn from the undertaking.


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