Wall-E and the fate of the Earth

You just have to thank the geniuses at Pixar for pushing the envelope in terms of storytelling for animation movies. They have created a good film (again) with Wall E (short for Waste Allocator Load Lifter Earth Class). It is a future film when Earth is not a liveable city anymore, and all earthlings are shipped in an enclosed space ship (Axiom) and has been stationed in space far away from Earth. The humans live sedentary lifestyle, fat (more like obese) because every thing is digital. They are serve by robots at their own beck and call. The ship is governed by BL, a powerful corporation. The movie makers are reading their future right: it is being touted that a corporation will rule the world in the future; and government system will collapse.

Watch Wall-E. Although it is animation, the story is for adults.


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