I Am Ninoy.


iamninoy shirts designed by Team Manila. From: Inquirer.net


I am a hero.
I do what I believe is right.
I do what I believe is good.
I fight for justice.
I fight for freedom.
I am a hero.
In a big way, in a small way.
In my own way.
I am a hero.
I am Ninoy.

I bought the Team Manila shirt with 5 eyeglass as the design last Friday. Yes, the advertising consultant is right. In order for the values and heroism of Ninoy to live on in the present generation, it has to come up with an advertising campaign that ticks. What better way than delivering the message through t-shirt. This is like Bono’s RED campaign before.

The idea of iamninoy is not encouraging the youth to do massive scale of heroism. But rather to do small deeds like offering your seat to an elderly in a bus or MRT. Likewise, this is also to veer the definition of hero from the politicians, celebrities that you saw on TV, or sports icon, to the ordinary you and me who makes sure that this country treads the path to economic progress.

According to the iamninoy campaign:

This advocacy puts its core belief in one thing – that it is the youth of today who are empowered and ready to step up and wear the mantle of heroism. Not necessarily through massive acts on a national scale, but through such simple deeds as offering one’s seat on the bus, or by picking up their litter, or by treating their peers with the utmost dignity and respect.iamninoy calls upon today’s youth from all walks of life, free of political affiliation, socio-economic class, or geographic location, to make a change in this world by standing by the same values that Ninoy Aquino lived and died for 25 years ago.

Through a simple credo,

Go on. Be a Ninoy.



  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to know if it would be possible to order shirts online 🙂

    I really apprecitate this campaign and wearing the shirt as well. I and my family currently resides here in Doha, Qatar. Would love to have one (or even more) of this shirt.


  2. I like this campaign but the problem is Filipinos almost forgot to respect. Well, i can’t blame our youth today. Because, respect should start from home, from their family and what i just noticed, even their parents don’t respect each other.

  3. analog soul has a branch at the ramp in glorietta 3 (accross cibo). they have the black ninoy shirt for men (the stock for women would probably be in by end of month). as for the team manila ninoy shirt, i was told you can only get them at the jupiter branch.

  4. i don’t believe the goals of the campaign are met at all with this “new” shirt idea. is it just me or does it look soul-less and trendy? not beffitting at all ninoy’s legacy. Ninoy Aquino isn’t known at all for his dorky glasses, which is somehow used here only as a trendy, pa-style thing. Retro glasses are all the rage in fashion today. Even on shirts like here:

    the classic yellow ninoy shirt already embodies this, so why go with Team Manila anyway? as if putting avaitor shades on rizal isn’t irreverent enough.

  5. i do wanna purchase the shirts as well… are there any other shops where we can buy this??? by the way, just wanna comment on zag’s point of view…i think you shouldn’t be too literal…ninoy might not be known by his glasses…but if there’s a particular thing that would remind us of how he looks like, then that would be it… but actually, the point here isn’t about his glasses or the yellow thing…it’s about how we should embody idealism and being nationalistic through his example…it’s not just about wearing these stuff…come to think of it, if you’re not into it, then why bother wearing the i am ninoy stuff???if you don’t believe in in, then why carry it???always remember that a single person who stands for what is right can change the world.

  6. ei ei..san makakabili ng shirts na yan???

    freedom of speech ang kelangan sa bansang ito..kaso maraming nananakot kya wlng nagsasalita.. mawawalan ng saysay ang ipinaglaban ng mga bayani natin pag nagkataon..tsk2

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