Now I am LOST

Shoot them all, Kate.

Shoot them all, Kate.

I just finished watching Season 4 of LOST. It was good; see, this is what I like about this series. It keeps you guessing all the time. Which translates to audience participation by using your brain. Yes, seldom do you see a TV show that makes you use your brain.

There were survivors who eventually found their way to return to their homes and survive the island. It was presented how they “escape” the island. But alas, the island is mystical in the sense that these survivors’s lives were a total wreck after they were rescued. And the only way to redeem and find peace is to return to the island.

But the thing is the island was moved to an unknown location. Who would’ve thought that the place can be move? Okay, LOST writers, engage us a little bit and surprise us with a good story about this come Season 5. And the producers promise that Season 5 will be really disconnected from the previous seasons in the sense that they will devoid us of the fast forward/flashback mode of storytelling.

Hmm, now that made me curious.

PS: The black smoke is not yet fully explained!


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