Last week, a friend from Singapore come home and got the time to see all of us here in Manila. Yes, my circle of friends is not exempted from the Filipino diaspora. And because we have not seen each other for a year, the excitement of the dinner makes us all looking forward to it. Some of us have been thinking of it for days prior to the dinner date.

The topic of discussion revolves around how is life has been for each of us. The flashes of the cameras notwithstanding, laughs and grins covers the entire Lasa! Manila (whre we ate) experience. While waiting for the food to come, the balikbayan gives pasalubong to everbody the way Pinoy cultures dictates.

After the hearty meal, and when everybody’s stomach has been full to the brim, it is time to neutralize it cold case of beer. It may not be Oktoberfest yet, but we toast to celebrate the coming home of a friend. And everytime we hold a bottle of beer and the topic of discussion has run out, the classic formula of digging to things past is always the court of last resort.

It never stops amazing us when we remember those high school days of non-conformity, bulakbol, funny moments, embarassing moments, love teams, and other treasured moments that stuck in our minds. You can really see from the group pictures how we are happy to the brim!

That is the beauty of friends. No matter how we age, no matter what we become of, no matter our beliefs maybe, no matter where we are now and will be in the future, one thing is for sure—we treasure the fact that each one of us has been a part of each other’s life.

Here’s to future get together when another balikbayan from Florida comes home next month.


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