Paano na talong ko?

Last weekend, I have the chance to see my college friends whom I haven’t seen in ages. The reason why we got the chance to finally see and catch things up was because of the Bar Exams being held this month of September. And everytime its the bar exam, expect college friends reunion.

The rendezvous was a friend’s house in Quezon City. We were there half of the day, just basically talking and talking, and yes, more talking. It was really that long since we last saw each other that the stories and topics are just endless. Although most of the discussions revolves around the preparation for the bar, career and future plans, what-have-beens for our other classmates, etc.

During the discussions, a friend butt in and says “did you know that eggplant has nicotine?” I am not a smoker, and the mere mention of this statement made me curious because I love eating eggplant. Give me ensalatang talong, grilled eggplant, and mashed eggplant and I’m solved. So off I check the net to find out.

She was right. Eggplant has nicotine content. In fact, it has the highest concentration of nicotine of all edible plants. But before you throw eggplant from your diet list, let me assure you that the amount of nicotine from eggplant is negligible compared to say, passive smoking. According to Wikipedia, on average 20lbs of eggplant contains the same amount of nicotine as a cigarette.

Eggplant is effective in treatment of high blood cholesterol; it can block the formation of free radicals; and is a good source of folic acid and potassium.


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  1. hello meong! my guess was right! these things about talong and our short reunion will be in your blog!

    true, talong has nicotine but let’s not forget the fact that it has good components as well. in this case, alternatives for talong lovers are the following:
    1. eat talong in moderation
    2. take anti-oxidants–supplements and/or bright in color vegetables and fruits to counter the effect of nicotine. the rule is the brighter the color, the higher the anti-oxidant contents.
    3. avoid talong if nicotine contraindicates with health circumstance. & when you do, make sure to source out talong’s good contents from other equally delicious vegies and fruits

    anyway, you may want to read the “Vitamin Bible”, which is available in healthy options stores. it’s a good read for HEALTHY wannabes. from that book, you can design your supplement and diet program–the most reliable insurance against losses from sickness.

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