What the hell, boy?

Hell Boy II is supposed to be funny to do away from the usual hero-fantasy movies which is serious in tone. You know, the I-need-to-save-the-world kind of hero. Hellboy, the protagonist, is funny, attention-grabber, do not abide by the instructions of his superior. In short, you need to leave him alone.

The storyline is so-so. Maybe Pan’s Labyrinth was a hard film to follow for the director. But you just have to give credit to the imagination behind the fantasy-like characters in the movie. Those that live underneath the earth.

I don’t know but I did not enjoy the movie much. Not even the I can’t smile without you singing part in the movie. I hope Guillermo del Toro will do good for The Hobbit, or else the Tolkien fans will get him to pieces.


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