A breakthrough in cancer study.

“Like natural selection and germs, the discovery of cancer stem cells illustrates how the most fruitful scientific findings are often not those of individual experiments, however intriguing, but those that organise knowledge into theory. The chemical industry took off within a decade or so of Dmitri Mendeleev’s arrangement of the chemical elements into the periodic table, just as radio communications followed James Clerk Maxwell’s mathematical unification of electricity and magnetism, and antibiotics came after Pasteur and Koch.”

The complete new findings on cancer and its relation to stem cells.


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  1. I have been telling all the people I talked to,for several years that Cancer is really selective uninhibited growth of cells in certain area where the cancer is growing.Nobody needs Chemo to cure it.

    All we have to do is to stop the communication which is causing ultra division of cells in that particular area.I have told my friends that if we could make that signal to ditribute to the rest of the body then we could most probably live a lot longer grow a lot larger.

    If we can normalize the communication between that cancerous area and rest of the body,cancer should disappear and body should return to normal state.

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