Clean living = Younger Looking

“Taking more exercise and eating the right foods may help increase levels of an enzyme vital for guarding against age-related cell damage, work suggests. Among 24 men asked to adopt healthy lifestyle changes for a US study in The Lancet Oncology, levels of telomerase increased by 29% on average. These consisted of a diet high in fruit and vegetables, supplements of vitamins and fish oils, an exercise regimen and classes in stress management, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. ” The complete story from BBC News.

Such is the case that in our office, we have breathing exercises and stress coping programs which aide employees to combat stress, and be in the right mind (think focus) eventhough–and no matter what–pressures come their way. We have to take good care of our health, by all means. Life is too wonderful to be wasted on decadence and devil-may-care lifestyle.



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