A shot in the heart.

It’s like a shot in the heart when you read an article so raw and honest. Add to that the fact that its so close to you because–one way or the other–you either experience or see the same situation before.

The Youngblood article in the Inquirer today, entitled “Two faces of courage” by a fellow Antiqueno Eric James Sotomil reminds me of my childhood memories in Pandan, Antique. I don’t have a military for a father, but there was sometime during my childhood that the municipal hall of our town was also attacked by NPAs. I was so young then, and all I can remember was we were hiding in the CR. You could hear gunshots from outside. I don’t even remember if I was afraid then, because I don’t even know what was happening.

It was only years later would I realized that it was something; that you cannot comprehend why fellow Filipinos fight over something and not discuss this on the table.

Its the anniversary of Martial Law this week, and every Filipino should guard against going back to that dark part of our history.


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