Who is to be blame?

In a recent study, premature ejaculation which is quite common among men, might be a result of a defect in the genes.

“A study of nearly 200 Dutch men found those who climaxed too soon during intercourse had a version of a gene that controls the hormone serotonin. Men with this version ejaculated twice as quickly as other men in the study.”  That serotonin again.

I wonder how scientists measure brain activity on those Dutch men who were part of the study. Do they have to have sex in a lab, complete with brain-reading (or CT scanners) machines so the scientists can take a closer look on the brain activity during the act?

Haven’t you noticed that scientists almost always “blame” genes to some of human’s frailties? And if genes are to be blamed, can we, heretofore, have the right to blame our parents whose genetic makeup was pass on to their offspring?


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