Grace is really gone

As if Body of Lies is not enough war movie for the week, I add insult to injury by watching another small movie about the effects of Iraq war to ordinary citizens of America, especially to those family who has a son/daughter/father/mother/relative in Iraq or Afghanistan or any other war zones where the US has assigned troops.

Grace Is Gone is written and directed by James Strouse. It is about a family man whose wife is stationed in Iraq. One day, he was informed (you know, those famous two personnel from the US Army who would knock on the door, and would tell you “in behalf of the President of the United States of America…”) that his wife was killed. Afraid how he would break the news to his two young daughters, he encourage them to go on a road trip extending time so he can think over how to tell them.

It was a bitter sweet simple movie that makes you feel sorry for them. You have to watch the movie to see that scene where John Cusack has to finally tell the daughters that their mom won’t go home alive. It is like your heart is being punch by a dozen thugs. Add to that the sad, sad song by Jamie Cullum “Grace Is Gone” (see video below). The DVD is widely available.


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