The downside of high technology

We have seen enough of anti-war movies from Hollywood. Body of Lies, the new Ridley Scott movie, is no exception. But what makes it likeable is the fact that it’s not boring. It is a critic of America’s handling of sensitive information derived from its hig technology data gathering gadgets scattered everywhere. It poses this question: which is the more effective way of handling confidential information, especially about allege terrorists? Can technology (such as UAV) provide better and truthful data than say, an agent who is on field and is seeing the actual scene?

The cloak-and-dagger business has always been nasty and full of lies. You cannot trust anybody; not even somebody who belongs to your group.

The action scenes can be cringing, especially the blast in the middle of the desert where a human body blews off and his bones sort of became like a shrapnel. Yikes. Leo is good (has always been), while Russel has to put in some weight to add plump to his bureaucratic role in the Langley-based headquarter.

But the character who stole the movie is Mark Strong (named Hani in the film). And the love angle between Leo and the nurse can be thrown away in the garbage can. The movie can stand alone without it.


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