Torrent sounds like Tourette’s, isn’t it?

The past three weeks was reserved for downloading latest episodes of my favorite US TV shows. I spent most of my free time hanging out in a coffee shop in Shangri-la Mall. Out of that, I was tag as a regular client, ie, frequent visitor to the establishment. But I don’t demand special favors from them. No, not even asking for a free mug or other freebies.

Anyway, because the latest seasons of good US TV shows will not come to this part of the world anytime soon, torrent sites are good alternative to view these full length episodes. I cannot afford to wait for next year to watch it on local cable channels, too.

CSI: New York (Season 5) is a personal favorite. I can’t wait to watch their latest episode with Daughtry as a special guest. I am also hooked on House (also on its fifth season). The sexual tension between House and Cuddy keeps me glued always.

When will the Philippines possibly have good shows on TV? I mean, we cannot compare ourselves to the TV shows in the US in terms of special effects and technology, but give me something worthwhile…something that do not insult my intelligence. The only local shows I watch are limited to documentaries of GMA 7 (normally late nights), and nightly news. Canned TV shows are just too dumb; it is the epitome of TV’s other moniker, “boob tube.”

I’ll stop ranting now. It’s a waste of time. I’d rather preview latest episodes of Dexter. Gruesome, bloody gruesome.


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