Vampires deconstructed


I saw Twilight the other day. Not bad. Yes, it is a teeny vampire flick, but there’s not much blood sucking or fang-wagging scenes in the movie. The focus, really, is the love story of Bella and Edward.

The movie has change our notion about vampires, maybe to suit the modern generation who are more familiar with witches (Harry Potter), teenage life (Gossip Girl, The Hills, 90210).

1. First time to hear vegetarian vampires;

2. They live in modern, well-lighted, glassy house (as opposed to dark, gothic castles);

3. The vampire is rich (drives a Volvo and Audi);

Good thing that this vampire movie did not discuss sex. The producers maybe think that majority of the viewers will be shrieking highschool girls, so sex will be a no-no. There’s not much going on in this first series except building up the love angle. Not much intense action, save for the fight scene in the ballet class hall.

But hey, at least, the Philippine flag was plastered in the high school canteen and it was right above the entrance door. Has anyone notice it? Or are you too pre-occupied with Bella and Edward?


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