Home and rain.

Get this.

It was my first time to go home for the Christmas holidays, since I went working with my present employer. And that was four consecutive years of celebrating the birth of Jesus alone. For four years.

Thank God for the long holiday break, I was able to change the course this year. I went home! I leave Manila on December 25, Christmas Day. Yeah I know, I am travelling on Christmas day. But I don’t care, the long break is mine for the taking, that I don’t mind going home on a Christmas day. Besides, our last day of work is Dec 24, so I have no choice.

I have already planned what I will do while I am here at home, enjoying the vacation.

1. Go and see friends.

2. Eat. Eat. And more eat.

3. Go swimming. Beach is very much accessible.

4. Sleep late at night, wake up lunch time.

5. Read the books and magazines that I haven’t have the time to read.

You see, the weather has not been cooperating. I am now in my second day here in my hometown, and it is raining like non-stop. The kind of weather where you just have to stay indoor and read a good book. Bad trip.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be sunny. Please, so I can go to the beach.


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