…and Raining!

It’s been four days of overcast sky, cloudy afternoon, and scattered rainshowers from time to time. That means three days of “house arrest”, staying indoors due to bad weather. But not really.

The other night I was in a friend’s house for dinner. It was their barangay fiesta. Some of my high school friends are there. It was jovial because some of the faces I have not seen in a long time.


And because it is raining, everyone was in a rainy getup as reflected from the picture above. Hector, Dennis and Venice are in jacket and caps. Most are donning shorts because going to Guia (the barangay) is like going to a Motocross competition complete with muddy, wet and bumpy road.

As always, the sinful foods are present. Predominantly meat. And scattered vegetables on the sides. And after gluttony comes the great equalizer: booze.


San Mig Light for the waistline conscious, and Generoso Brandy for those who don’t like the bitter aftertaste of beer.

The contagious laughing was override by the chill factor of the weather. Rain and the cold breeze are to be blame for the subdued atmosphere of the get together. Everyone’s curling up a bit, we are not as noisy as we want it to be, we have gobbled up not enough bottles as we want it, and the noticeable lethargy is just evident. See the proof below:


Ian is texting, maybe to kill time and the cold?


Mae is sleepy and not in the mood. May LQ daw ba?


Pointy and skinny.

downward sloping

Everybody’s face is downward sloping. Please, can somebody stop the rain? And this gloomy weather.


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