What I did during the long holiday break.

Sunset Dip

 As mentioned in my earlier posts, my holiday vacation was spoiled by rain, overcast skies, and dark clouds. But that did not stop me from thinking that another day, the sky will be blue and that I will see the sun. True enough, after three days of bumming and staying in-house, the sun suddenly begins to show up!

I immediately invite all my friends to go to the nearest beach resort for booze, chows, and magnificent sunset. The picture above is taken during our get together in Phaidon, a local resort nearby (Antique). The sunset is awesome, way better than Manila Bay. No pollution, clear water, good sand, not crowded with people.

The sole swimmer is not Lochness, or any legendary object. That’s me. The good thing about long holiday break is you get recharged, energized, and invigorated with an unknown energy that will keep you going once you went back to the daily hustle and bustle of city life and corporate slavery.

I am looking forward for the Holy Week. Another long break to utilize.

Looks like aurora borealis (equator nga lang).


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