The point is…there is no point.


The point is there is no point at all when you talk about love. Valentine’s day is near so flowers, chocolates, motels, prophylactics will again be in great demand. But what exactly is this feeling, this attraction which is called love?


The new film of Woody Allen “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” delves into the eccentricities of love. It tells the summer vacation of American best friends Vicky and Cristina in beautiful Barcelona (Spain). Vicky is engaged and is about to get married when she returns back to New York. She goes for stable, direct, men who can provide her with. She prefers security, and stable future. Cristina, on the other hand, prefers adventure, expressive, artist-like, challenging partner who keeps on making everyday life different from the previous day. She hates stagnation; she hates obvious and predicted future. She is into now, without thinking of the future. The parallelism between the two girls is extremely opposite that we think they cannot possibly fall in love with the same guy.


You see, love moves in mysterious ways. The movie’s strong point is its lyrical lines. Listening to the main protagonists talking is like listening to someone uttering a poem, or Shakespeare’s sonnet. Woody Allen has, time and again, the magic of words.


Penelope is funny, playing the role of Javier Bardem’s ex-wife, who is delusional, suicidal, and untrustworthy. She symbolizes someone who has gone through so much pain with love. She appears in the latter part of the movie but she radiates with wit, everytime she appears.


Barcelona, the city, is very beautiful. Very romantic. The perfect setting for a story so complicated, with all its vignettes. One of Mr Allen’s better movie.


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