Rev up. Revolt. Revolution!


I have a question. No, more of a complaint. Why is Leonardo de Caprio always snubbed by the Academy Awards? I mean, come on, the guy is an ACTOR. Notice the nominated actors in this year’s list:

1. Richard Jenkins – The Visitor

2. Frank Langella – Frost/Nixon

3. Sean Penn – Milk

4. Brad Pitt – Curious Case of Benjamin Button

5. Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler

Hey, are the nominees too stiff that Leo cannot join? He was really good in Revolutionary Road, the family drama of Sam Mendes with Kate Winslet co-starring. I love the part of the movie where the two of them vent out all the anger that has been kept all this time. The acting is so raw, you feel as if you are inside their house with them fighting. No divorce then (mid-1950s), so they cannot live separately. Tragic tale for a dysfunctional family. Typical Sam Mendes (reminiscent of American Beauty).

I haven’t read the book which this movie is based (authored by Richard Yates), though, I might read it later in the year. Watch out for Michael Shannon in this movie. He deserves his Supporting Role (Acting) at this year’s Academy Awards.


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