Caught in a different kind of traffic


Liam Neeson is back on the top of the box office, as his new film Taken, is at the number 1 position in the US. It is a story of a man whose daughter is on a Parisian holiday. But upon reaching the City of Lights, she got entangled in a syndicate whose main objective is to kidnap hapless young women, and sell them into prostitution. The father brings the matter not into the hands of US and French authorities. Rather, he brings it upon himself to bring her daughter to safety. In between this synopsis are chase scenes, entangles with the syndicated ring, and bureaucracy.

Forget rules. When your love one is in trouble, you will do whatever you can to keep him/her from harm’s way. It helps that the second husband of his wife has all the resources to help him be in Paris in a matter of seconds. This is my first time to watch a movie that deals in the open the issue of human trafficking, especially for prostitution in Europe.

Everytime Liam says a word, the voice is like an audio from an authority…it’s like god. No wonder, he was tapped to be the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia series.


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