The Fuehrer is furious for putschists.


Dissidents. Coup plotters. Putschists. Iconoclasts.

Whatever you call it, it will cost you your life if you are guilty of the same in Germany during the Fuehrer’s regime. I never thought The Valkyrie will make a good movie because we all know that Hitler was not assasinated. But it was not bad at all. Maybe because Tom Cruise, and the entire film, is surrounded by topnotch casts including Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, and Christian Berkel.

Next time, though, when you want to kill a VVIP like Adolf Hitler, follow the Japanese formula. Kill him in the flesh while you go on a suicide. Otherwise, when you just leave a leather bag below the table and leave the place immediately before detonating the damn bomb, the probability of the success of your plan will not be 100%. You think you had him but not really. He was alive; and it cost you your life. What difference does it make when you could have just shoot him point blank and face death eventually. At least, you reach your objective.


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