Pinoy Connection in LOST Season 5

Mabuhay Pilipinas

In the third episode of LOST Season 5, there was a scene with Pinoy connection. Desmond and his wife are in the Philippine soil, well, Philippine water to be exact. Their yacht, at least. At first, I thought, maybe they are in Southeast Asia because there are presence of tropical fruits, beach, palm trees, and gambling. Until I overheard two girls running blurting out the words “Laro tayo!”. And then Edmond shouts for “Efren Salonga!, Efren Salonga!” who is the village doctor. Desmond’s wife is about to gave birth. But what tops it all is the word Mabuhay and the Philippine flag in a veranda. Refer to the screen shot above.


The doctor is busy gambling.


If I remember, in Season 4 of LOST, the island is somewhere in the Indian Ocean near Indonesia. I remember it because the rescued group (Kate, Sun, Hugo, Sayeed, etc) were awashed in an Indonesian shore.


I know that LOST is filmed on location in Hawaii. And maybe, just maybe, the huge Pinoy community in the island state makes it easy for the producers to gather as much extra as possible to create a small Pinoy community for the episode.


Meanwhile, I am enjoying this current season. But it might turn off new audience who haven’t watch the four previous episodes, because this season vacillates from the future and the past, which introduces old characters from previous episodes.


The interconnection of relationships between characters demands good interplay and imagination. But based from the episodes I have seen so far, the writers has been successful in handling the interrelationships.


Now, I am excited how Kate and her group will return to the Island.


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