Don’t stop ’til you get enough


The International is not James Bond-type. It’s not even Jason Bourne, nor a movie based on a John le Carre fiction. But close. With all its locations from Berlin, New York, Milan and Istanbul, it’s as if you are watching Bond minus Daniel Craig.

It’s about a multinational bank suspected of dealing with dirty money, weapons sale to international crime group, and supporting domestic conflicts in Third World countries. How truthful is this to the real world, I must ask? Because if you watch CNN or BBC News on a daily basis, you are bombarded with non-stop conflicts from Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and Iraq.

Anyway, going back to the movie. Its pacing is fast and the story progression is fluid. No dull moments, as Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts tried their best to pin down the bank because of mysterious deaths, and linkages.

But what is disturbing is the fact that the justification for conflict support and weapons sale is justified by the logic of good-will-not-prevail-without-evil school of thought. That the guilty party becomes collateral damage, and is replaced by new ones. The cycle continues.

It reeks of truthfulness, isn’t it?



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