Early birthday gift, for my self.


Last January, my 1 year gym membership with Slimmer’s World Megamall expires. This is a company gift given to me December 2007. I intended to have another year membership to sustain my fitness regimen, because I am afraid that stopping going to the gym after a year might lead me back to gaining weight (again).

But during my consultation with the gym facilitator, I was encouraged to go lifetime exclusive. I won’t say how much, but let me tell you, I dig deep into my pocket. But what the heck, this is better than buying vitamins and daily supplements monthly for the rest of your life. Nothing beats regular exercise to keep you fit, healthy, and alert.

My lifetime membership card arrived February. And I can use the gym facility forever, until I die, without shedding a cent. No annual dues, no hidden charges. My early birthday gift, and a treat for myself for working so hard for the last half decade!


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