Pamper day


Sundays are reserved for pampering. Today, I wake up at 9am, way too early for a Sunday, because normally, I woke up at 12nn. Anyhow, I start the day with breakfast at a nearby fastfood chain. Read some news from my preferred daily, then off to Megamall for 1.5hours of sweat, cardio training, and muscle toning. Afterwards, the best part.

I had a 3pm full body massage from Urban Spa. It’s been awhile since I had my last visit there, so this is fitting especially now that we officially entered March, where most corporate slaves beat their deadlines and quota for the remaining days of the fiscal year.

What a way to hurdle the stress that is about to come by enjoying an hour of massage. It is heavenly to say the least. Though the price is way too high than its counterparts, still, it is worth it. I don’t have to explicitly tell the exact massage itself, for I might spill their secret. Rather, try it for your self.

That’s my pamper Sunday.


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