Respite from work

Backpacker's paradise

Backpacker's paradise

I have been working non-stop for the last half-decade. It means no absent, minimal tardiness and a whole lot of extra stretch time in the office after 5pm. That got me into thinking, why not take a break and go somewhere?

Middle of February 2009, I ask for a 5 days leave (that’s the maximum in our office) from my immediate superior. She also happens to own the company I am working. After 24hours, no reply. Another 24 more hours, and still no reply. I got into thinking, is she not approving? I am losing hope, and the excitement is slowly dying.

Over the weekend, I reminded her of my leave application. I don’t want to lose hope. Finally, I got her reply! But all she did was ask—who will take over while I am away? Of course, I already have the reply because I know that she will definitely ask this. I told her that all daily operational activities are delegated to my trusted subordinates. And besides, it’s just 5 days. It won’t hurt. Finaly, she said yes.

Yahoo, I have to make plans for this. It should be spent like there’s no tomorrow. But where should I go? I have options, and I will post it here once it becomes finite. Meantime, I am happy with the fact that she agreed. That’s just for now. I will reserve some for the actual trip 40 days from now.


Rogue Magazine March 2009 Issue


Just got the March 2009 issue of Rogue Magazine. It has Rosanne Prieto on the cover. I am currently reading Ely Buendia’s fiction tale The Pillar. The guy can write. Grab your own copy.

The magazine is now online.