Respite from work

Backpacker's paradise

Backpacker's paradise

I have been working non-stop for the last half-decade. It means no absent, minimal tardiness and a whole lot of extra stretch time in the office after 5pm. That got me into thinking, why not take a break and go somewhere?

Middle of February 2009, I ask for a 5 days leave (that’s the maximum in our office) from my immediate superior. She also happens to own the company I am working. After 24hours, no reply. Another 24 more hours, and still no reply. I got into thinking, is she not approving? I am losing hope, and the excitement is slowly dying.

Over the weekend, I reminded her of my leave application. I don’t want to lose hope. Finally, I got her reply! But all she did was ask—who will take over while I am away? Of course, I already have the reply because I know that she will definitely ask this. I told her that all daily operational activities are delegated to my trusted subordinates. And besides, it’s just 5 days. It won’t hurt. Finaly, she said yes.

Yahoo, I have to make plans for this. It should be spent like there’s no tomorrow. But where should I go? I have options, and I will post it here once it becomes finite. Meantime, I am happy with the fact that she agreed. That’s just for now. I will reserve some for the actual trip 40 days from now.


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