Frustrated but continuing

A new fiscal year will start next month, at least, as far as my current employer knows. It is also time for performance evaluation for the last one year. One of the parameters is attendance—it being a good indicator of productivity, priority, and discipline.

Last week, I was instructed by my superior to propose an appraisal rate for my staffs. I immediately obliged; it being not happening for close to two years. And to think that the cost of living in Metro Manila has skyrocketed. She reviewed my proposal over the weekend. And she called me up one Saturday afternoon to tell that she will not follow my recommendations because my staffs attendance for the past one year has been dismal, and do not indicate good behaviour. I rest my case.

Immediately after she hang up the phone, I felt sad. Not because my superior slash my proposal, but because my subordinates has not done good enough on their attendance to merit a good increase. No matter how hardwork I impose on my self so that they can emulate, still, they have not embraced the idea. I don’t know if they even notice.

I can only guide them as to love and appreciate their work, including all its encompassing facets, but they are the ones who control their performance. No matter how I told them to do good always, if its fallen on deaf ears, it becomes useless. And my part of the equation is thrown on the basket case. For a naught. What a waste.

But I am not complaining. I just felt frustrated. But I cannot give up. Not until th eobjective is achieve.


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