Keen observant

I frequent a coffee shop in Stretscape Shangrila. And I always ended up going home close to midnight. And everytime I pass by in front of Watering Hole, there are many vagrants sitting doing nothing. What could they be doing?

1. Waiting for customers. I suspect they are pick-up girls/boys. Hey, times are hard you know.

2. They just got out of work, and they need to unwind first before going home. EDSA is still choked in traffic so why hurry.

3. They are waiting for their dates.

4. They just want to ogle people passing by.

5. They have no home; and by the time it reached 12mn, they will open their sleeping gear and doze off.

6. Break time for their nocturnal work (call center nearby).

Manila is crowded. The only change is night and day. But people, they are awake 24/7.


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