La Paz Batchoy on my mind


I have been craving La Paz batchoy for some time. And because I cannot just go to Iloilo to savor the authentic one, I have to brave traffic and public bus just to be in SM Mall of Asia. There is a Ted’s La Paz Batchoy outlet there, near the SM Hypermarket just across Mc Donald’s.

I went there one lazy Sunday noon. I ordered extra super, with puto and a diet soda. The smell of a newly served batchoy brings back memories of Iloilo, where I spent most of my college days. The chicharon toppings are crunchy, liver and innards are yummy, the way the ingredients are supposed to be. And the broth, oh please, I want extra bowl of it. After a full serving, I was so full I have to rest for a while before I leave the establishment.

I will be back there when the craving sets in again. I hope it will be sooner, rather than, later.


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