Singapore Sojourn


I am in Singapore for seven days. This is a much deserve vacation slash recreation slash rest. I and some of my friends have been eyeing this for some time now, and now, it has become a reality.

I will post some of my memorable experiences in Singapore in my future posts.


Food, drinks and a thousand story.






It all started with a dare. When you win the contest, a blowout is in the offing. Little did I know that they take it seriously. In short, they won the contest. Hallelujah, I have to honor my word. On a cold, raining Tuesday night, off we went to a mall in Ortigas to dine out.

We are hungry as wolf so the resto of choice is something that will fill up our complaining stomach. We preferred a Chinese restaurant. I was supposed to announce that house rule #1 is no topic that is work-related. But since the chismis at the office is too hard to pass, I give up the house rule.

When friends gather to dine out, the first thing that makes them happy is the food that they eat, and the ambiance of the place. But if you try to think about it, really, the best thing about get-together is not the food, nor the place, nor the picture taking…it is the laughter, the talking, the socialization. When you get-together, you feel happy sharing your story and listening to other people’s story as well. It is not about just mere eating, it is about bonding. It is not about honoring your promise, but about creating memories. It is not an obligation, but because you feel happy doing so.

Can’t wait for the next bonding moment.


When you do something over and over again, it gets to a point where you want to try other things. In economics, they call it law of diminishing returns. But when is the time to diminish? How do you know? Is frequent mood swings from the routine work a vital symptom? Are the lines on your face a good writing on the wall?

Whatever the case, my boiling point is nearing. The mercury from my temperature will explode sooner, rather than later.

Ang hipo ni Manong Guard

In the Philippines, especially in its capital Manila, malls are everywhere. In fact, you can see malls every one kilometer radius. And because it is located near the equator, the weather and temperature outside is just too much to melt your brain. That’s why people flocked to the malls.

And that becomes a problem to the mall owners. Too much crowd puts pressure to security around the mall vicinity. They have to screen all entrance of the mall to “ensure” that mallrats do not possess deadly weapons, gun, bomb, and the like. (If someone is really serious in bombing a mall, he/she will not pass through the entrance. That’s too obvious.)

SM Malls and Robinsons still do the frisking and manual checking of bags. As a regular mall goer, it is a hassle to open my bag for the guards to see. Besides, they don’t even know what to find! The checking of bags becomes a routine with no clear purpose. Better for them, being with enormous budget, to just buy electronic and high tech entrance machines just like that in Ayala Malls. That way, the clogging of mallrats at the entrance is minimized.

Death of my CDs

I have been buying CDs since college. I know it sounded a little late in the game, because most hobbyists start collecting when they were much much younger. But anyway, with advent of digital music, my CDs were sidelined. It has been gathering dust from my room for quite some time; but because it is a treasured lot, I have to think of something for it to remind me that one time in my life, I bought these as special collector’s item.

And what better way for it to be useful again than by burning them all in my 80GB ipod. I reserve one day just burning them all to include creative playlists, such as “when you are hitting the treadmill”, or “when you want to be left alone in the morning” or “shut up and don’t talk to me coz i am a ticking time bomb today.” Or something like that.

Hey, what will I do with my CDs now?

A midsummer night’s party

Yesterday, April 17, my boss offered 5 free tickets to Jack Daniel’s World Music Tour Philippines. It was held in NBC Tent in The Fort. Initially, I don’ t want to go but upon hearing that Razorback, Urbandub and Taken by Cars will perform, I said yes.


I joined five of my colleagues at the office. We were there before 8pm, because it was stated in the ticket that it will start by that time. In the entrance of the NBC Tent, the receptionist said that they will start entertaining audience in 15 minutes.

So we hopped on at The Fort area to eat dinner. We ate at Pasto, with pizza, pasta and some beer to gulp down the calories. We spent around 45 minutes of our time there due to non-stop social talk. Someone never runs out of stories during meal, and it was heightened by the fact that the topic revolves around summer getaways, hobbies on our wish lists, and the like.

After dinner, we entered the place. Not much audience so far.


The venue is really cold. It contradicts the hot and humid weather outside. Or maybe they did this on purpose so that the audience will buy lots of Jack Daniel’s in the makeshift bar at both sides of the tent. And we feel the cold; we gave in to JD.



The show started by 9pm. Bands performed three to four songs each. I got the chance to watch Taken by Cars performed live at this event. I had their songs on my iPod.




The main act is Cynthia Alexander and Nyko Maka + Playgrounds. They will represent the Philippines in the Jack Daniels Global Music Tour in Singapore. Too bad, I wasn’t able to see Urbandub and  Razorback. They performed after Cynthia’s set, but we have to go home around 12mn because one of our friend has to catch a flight the following day.

But it was an awesome night. Lots of Hooters girls imported by Jack Daniels from their bar in Mall of Asia.