A midsummer night’s party

Yesterday, April 17, my boss offered 5 free tickets to Jack Daniel’s World Music Tour Philippines. It was held in NBC Tent in The Fort. Initially, I don’ t want to go but upon hearing that Razorback, Urbandub and Taken by Cars will perform, I said yes.


I joined five of my colleagues at the office. We were there before 8pm, because it was stated in the ticket that it will start by that time. In the entrance of the NBC Tent, the receptionist said that they will start entertaining audience in 15 minutes.

So we hopped on at The Fort area to eat dinner. We ate at Pasto, with pizza, pasta and some beer to gulp down the calories. We spent around 45 minutes of our time there due to non-stop social talk. Someone never runs out of stories during meal, and it was heightened by the fact that the topic revolves around summer getaways, hobbies on our wish lists, and the like.

After dinner, we entered the place. Not much audience so far.


The venue is really cold. It contradicts the hot and humid weather outside. Or maybe they did this on purpose so that the audience will buy lots of Jack Daniel’s in the makeshift bar at both sides of the tent. And we feel the cold; we gave in to JD.



The show started by 9pm. Bands performed three to four songs each. I got the chance to watch Taken by Cars performed live at this event. I had their songs on my iPod.




The main act is Cynthia Alexander and Nyko Maka + Playgrounds. They will represent the Philippines in the Jack Daniels Global Music Tour in Singapore. Too bad, I wasn’t able to see Urbandub and  Razorback. They performed after Cynthia’s set, but we have to go home around 12mn because one of our friend has to catch a flight the following day.

But it was an awesome night. Lots of Hooters girls imported by Jack Daniels from their bar in Mall of Asia.



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