Ang hipo ni Manong Guard

In the Philippines, especially in its capital Manila, malls are everywhere. In fact, you can see malls every one kilometer radius. And because it is located near the equator, the weather and temperature outside is just too much to melt your brain. That’s why people flocked to the malls.

And that becomes a problem to the mall owners. Too much crowd puts pressure to security around the mall vicinity. They have to screen all entrance of the mall to “ensure” that mallrats do not possess deadly weapons, gun, bomb, and the like. (If someone is really serious in bombing a mall, he/she will not pass through the entrance. That’s too obvious.)

SM Malls and Robinsons still do the frisking and manual checking of bags. As a regular mall goer, it is a hassle to open my bag for the guards to see. Besides, they don’t even know what to find! The checking of bags becomes a routine with no clear purpose. Better for them, being with enormous budget, to just buy electronic and high tech entrance machines just like that in Ayala Malls. That way, the clogging of mallrats at the entrance is minimized.


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