Death of my CDs

I have been buying CDs since college. I know it sounded a little late in the game, because most hobbyists start collecting when they were much much younger. But anyway, with advent of digital music, my CDs were sidelined. It has been gathering dust from my room for quite some time; but because it is a treasured lot, I have to think of something for it to remind me that one time in my life, I bought these as special collector’s item.

And what better way for it to be useful again than by burning them all in my 80GB ipod. I reserve one day just burning them all to include creative playlists, such as “when you are hitting the treadmill”, or “when you want to be left alone in the morning” or “shut up and don’t talk to me coz i am a ticking time bomb today.” Or something like that.

Hey, what will I do with my CDs now?


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