Singapore Sojourn: Day 1

The plan of going to Singapore for R & R has been playing in my mind for so long already. I just couldn’t figure out when, especially that I cannot just go absent for so long a time from work. It needs planning.

Last January 2009, during a birthday of a dear friend, I posed the idea of going to Singapore during the summer. She said she wants to join me. Anyway, we have a friend who is based there, so accommodation is not a problem.

From then, I ask for a one week leave from work. In the company I work with, you have to inform HR 60 days in advance of your intention. I have to swallow all my shyness to my boss that I need a break. It was my first time to avail of my leave after five years of not enjoying it. So I said to myself, it’s about time!

Good thing, she approves of my leave! So I immediately bought plane tickets online. I did not even went home for the Holy Week because I will eventually go on a long break afterwards.


A lot of anxieties and mixed emotions were felt during the day we were at the airport. It is both (my friend) our first time to travel abroad. Good thing though, the process at the airport went smoothly. Our passage at the immigration went rather okay. Some few questions and off we go.

The flight to Singapore is more than 3 hours. I have noticed that most of our co-passengers are young Pinoys (who I suspect to be freshly employed as engineers in the city state), young Pinays (who I suspect also to be returning domestic helpers), and some older men (who I suspect are bound for Middle East and is going to Singapore for a connecting flight).


After touching down at the famous Singapore Changi Airport, I cannot define my emotions. I felt happy, knowing that the plan of going there has now become a reality. The airport is really good, with shops and plants inside the terminal. And big! Being Pinoy as we are, and feeling tourists at that, we did not pass on taking pictures of our selves. Not even before passing through Singapore immigration yet!

We arrive mid afternoon in Singapore. After we arrived at our friend’s apartment, we hurriedly went to the business district where the Esplanade, Merlion, Fullerton Hotel and the skyscrapers are. See the grin and excitement from our pictures below:




At nighttime, we meet another friend who is also based in Singapore. We had dinner at Hooter’s in Clarke Quay. More pictures below.







Our first day in Singapore went well. I had three glass of Tiger beer! In the Philippines, one glass is enough for me to go tipsy and reddish. It might be that the alcohol content of beers in Singapore is minimal. And oh, you might be asking how are the girls in Hooters Singapore? Well, let’s put it this way. The girls of Hooter’s Manila is better.


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