Singapore Sojourn: Day 2

My second day in Singapore is spent in Sentosa Island. We woke up late in the morning already due to the alcohol intoxication the previous night from Hooters. And not to mention upload of pictures to my Facebook account. Primary reason being my friends in the Philippines will drool with the sights. Talking about bad intention.

Anyway, before we went to Sentosa, we drop by Orchard Road to exchange our money to Singapore dollars. Orchard Road is a busy street in downtown Singapore with lots of malls and shops. Lots of Filipinos, too.

Commuting in Singapore is easy and hassle-free because their public transport is widely accessible. Their MRT is efficient and on-time. Just don’t mind the smell from Indians (blame it on their diet of curry, and spices) though.

Sentosa Island can be accessed via cable car from Keppel Building near Vivo City, a good mall. See some pics below:



There are many things to see in Sentosa. From the touchdown of the cable car, lots of plants and greenery will greet you. The park is clean and super green.



There is another Merlion statue here. This time, it don’t spew water (like that Merlion in Fullerton), but it’s big. One thing we enjoyed here is the Luge! It’s a mini-bike with no wheels and all you have to do is slide down the slope. Exhilarating! In fact, the mentor to the rides asks us if we are Filipinos, and once we said yes (maybe because my t-shirt boldly says Pinas!), starts discussing the orientation in Tagalog. He said “malambing.”



After the Luge, we went to visit the entire island by foot. We were just amaze by the fact that it is so clean and tidy. They also have a small enclave of powdered sand and beach inside the island. I saw some Pinoy vacationers also in the area because they speak Tagalog.




The visit to Sentosa was so tiring because we practically walk most of the time. We left the island around seven in the evening but in Singapore, seven pm is still not dark. We had dinner at Vivo City, the closest mall from Sentosa. We just have to try their chicken rice, the daily staple of Singaporeans.


After the meal, we hang around Vivo City for some time. And talk non-sense. And laugh. And talk some more. Until we discover it’s close to 10pm and we have to go home for next day’s activity.

Tiring day? Not quite, when you have a grand time discovering a place for the first time.


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