Singapore Sojourn: Day 3


This is Meg’s birthday, Labor Day. Holiday in Singapore. We woke up close to noontime because we slept around 2am already. Blame this to the excitement to post pictures to our Facebook accounts! Talking about priorities at the wee hours in the morning.

We had late breakfast in a nearby McDonald’s. Their McDo food choices are limited to just burgers. No rice, no chicken, no spaghetti just like what they have in the Philippines. And their condiments include pepper, and lots of chili sauce.

Our itinerary for the day includes going to a travel agency to buy tickets for Malaysia (where we will spent the weekend), buffet lunch treat of Meg, go to church. In that order. We went to a place in Singapore where we have to buy tickets going to Malaysia. It’s a little ugly, the place, because it’s crowded with Thai drunkards and litters scattered on the dilapidated building. The stench wafting in the air consists mainly of curry, and dried spoiled food. The travel agencies are just lining up that particular building, so you have many options to choose from. You can compare prices and packages without going through different places.

After much comparison, we decided to prefer buying a one-way ticket without accommodation. We thought, we will just inquire about lodging upon arrival in Malaysia. By the way, we will be going to Cameron Highlands, a 9-hour land trip from Singapore. It is Malaysia’s version of our Baguio here. The one ticket is not cheap at all. It costs us Singapore $90 (P2,880) each person.

We bought the tickets because we are running out of time and I am complaining of hunger anymore. We take a cab from there to get to Takashimaya Ngee Ann City Mall for our late lunch. It was around 2pm. Meg treat us at a Korean restaurant that offers buffet. I cannot describe the myriad of food that we savor. We had chicken, beef, fish, veggies, fruits, and desserts. I spotted a Filipino waiter in the restaurant because he blurted out something in Tagalog. Just look at the pictures below for you to see (and salivate).



I don’t remember how much hours (yes, hours) we spent in the restaurant. Damn, we have to maximize the bill because it’s costly, and in anticipation for our trip to Malaysia at nighttime. We will leave by 10pm on the same day so we have to eat a lot because we don’t know if the bus will make stopovers, and if when will these stopovers be.

Once the lunch is over, we went to Orchard Road which is just around the corner. We buy Malaysian ringgits in anticipation for our trip. Afterwhich, picture taking! So Pinoy of us!



Once done with the photo souvenirs of Orchard Road and the shops that scatters the area, we went to church for thanksgiving of Meg for her birthday. What I found strange is that even their Church is under the state rule because before the mass is about to begin, an announcement was made regarding the flu virus, which the Singaporeans are wary about. There was changes in the mass such as, there will be no offertory, no communion directly to the mouth (only through hands), no holding hands during the Our Father, and close contacts should be avoided. They really take the precautionary measure from their Ministry of Health seriously.

We had light dinner afterwards, and off we went back to Meg’s apartment to prepare our clothes, and pack things for the weekend trip to Malaysia.

Our departure should be 10pm but it was delayed by one hour and a half. We loiter on their bus lounge, which looks like a small pantry of an office in Makati, equipped with flat TV, aircon and comfy sofa.

We left, finally, at 11.30pm. The funny slash wild slash breathtaking ride that we encounter, to be told in Day 4 of my Singapore/Malaysia Sojourn.

Stay tuned.


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