Singapore Sojourn: Day 4

We went to Malaysia the night before. So practically, we are travelling on the very first hours of day 4 to Malaysia. There has been some kinks in the earlier part of the travel due to questions from the Immigration of both Singapore and Malaysia, but the travel went rather smoothly.

The bus has a good couch, which stretches to a business-class type where you can sleep. Rightly so, because we paid 90$ (Singapore) for that, so we expect nothing more than a good night sleep in the double-decker bus.

We arrive in Cameron Highlands at around 7 in the morning of Saturday, May 02. It is like Baguio because it is 5,000 feet above sea level. The temperature is cold, and drops to 11 degrees celsius in the morning. The primary trade of the place is green tea, which supplies the entire Malaysia. It also supplies the country with vegetables, and strawberries.

Cameron Highlands was flocked with local and international tourists during the time we were there. Mainly because it is the weekend, and it is a long holiday break in Malaysia. Finding a good hotel is hard to come by, good thing though, the travel agency where we book our travel has a connection with a local travel agency in Cameron. They assist us during our stay.

The cold, breezy, and greenery of Cameron Highlands.

cameron 1

cameron 2

cameron 3

cameron 4

cameron 6

cameron 7

cameron 8

When we got there, the first thing that comes our mind is where do we eat. We knew that Malaysian food is too spicy for our palate, and that eating chili and pepper foods for the next two days will be too much. Good thing there is a KFC nearby our hotel. That solves the problem.

During our first day in this breezy and chilly place, we went on an “Agro Tour” where we visited plantations of strawberries, cacti, vegetables, flowers, and cabbages. The end part of the trip is a sumptous dinner of vegetables. Pure vegetables. Very healthy.

Before we return to the hotel to sleep, we drop by the famous night market to savor the street foods of Malaysia. Really nice.


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