Singapore Sojourn: Day 5


We have to wake up early for our early morning sunrise view tour. The whole of Cameron Highlands is envelop in thick fog. And it is freezing cold!

Nonetheless, we woke up just in time for our tour guide to pick us up at the hotel lobby. The ride to the top of a mountain to get a good view of the sunrise is crazy. The road is narrow, afraid that the vehicle might fall off the ravine in case the driver miss a bit or something. The road is foggy, and the visibility is quite hazy.

When we arrive at the venue, there were already a few tourists from Thailand and Korea who also joins us in this tour. When we alight from the van, we were welcome with a cold splash of wind.




We were served with hot strawberry tea and strawberry muffins. Yummy breakfast. But notice our faces in the pictures above. Eyebags. Sleep deprived.

Around noontime, we had our lunch at a nearby KFC outlet. This is the only fastfood chain we ate here because most of the foods from other stalls nearby are spicy.

It’s time to bid Cameron Highlands goodbye. We will take a bus to Kuala Lumpur, en route to Singapore. This will be a four hour ride to KL. While waiting for our bus to leave, we drop by Starbucks to sip some coffee. This is also the time we heard that Manny Pacquiao downed Hatton in two rounds. Yey.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 6.30pm. But the sun is still shining bright, as if a typical 5pm in Manila. We headed straight to the bus station to buy another ticket to Singapore. After the purchase, we made some sightseeing in the city.

What better way to see KL than be in its famous landmark–The Petronas Tower.


There is a mall inside this tower, the KLCC. We had pizza and pasta for dinner, and some guffaws from staring at different mixed of people passing by. Mind you, there are not a lot of good looking people in KL. Even in Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur is like Manila. Many, many resemblance. Traffic. Crowded with people. The bus that will send us back to Singapore was late. Instead of 10pm departure, we left KL around 11.30pm. This is a six hour trip so basically, we have to sleep inside the bus to kill time. Besides, it is nighttime so sightseeing of the Malaysian province while travelling is not in our option.

We arrived in Singapore around 6am. The road to immigration is clogged with vehicles. It is rush hour because it is a Monday, and we are joining Malaysians who worked in Singapore. Not to mention students who go to school in the tiny state. The queue at the Immigration is long, add to that the extra precaution about the flu virus. We entered Singapore raining. Really hard. But mind you, I did not see any flooded area. They have excellend drainage system.

To be continued…Day 6.


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