Singapore Sojourn: Day 6

Day 6 of my Singapore trip is reserved for shopping and pasalubong hunting. This is the day where we can spent the whole day ogling at this super green city state, because I have to leave the city early morning of the following day.

We headed to Orchard Road to buy some stuff. I am so tired and sleepy that my eyes will fall off! Blame it on the overnight trip from Malaysia the night before. I haven’t had sleep in the bus.

But anyway, I have to go shop for some souvenirs. The prices of clothes there are the same or more expensive compared to Manila prices. I bought shirts for my brother, and father, and sister.

Pens, makeup kit, perfumes for my officemates. After the tiresome shopping, we went for an early dinner at Delifrance in a mall in Yoshun area. We have to eat a little early because one of our friend will fly back to Manila ahead of me. Her flight will be at 12mn. She has to be ushered to Changi Airport.

I did not join our friends going to the airport because I have to meet another friend and former officemate who is now based in Singapore. We met at McDonald’s for a late dessert after dinner and some chitchat. We talk about the happening in my currenty employer and what is the company up to. We also talk about her career and how many of our acquaintances who used to be with my former employer but is now in Singapore. You know, talking to her is like making you realize a lot of things such as opportunity loss. But I am happy for her.

After our brief meeting, she has to leave because her boyfriend is pestering her to go online. I went back to my friend’s apartment to pack my bag in time for my early morning flight the following day to Manila.

It is sad to know that the one week break is about to be finished.

More stories and anecdotes on my last day in Singapore.


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