Singapore Sojourn: Day 7

This is my last day in Singapore. My flight back to Manila is 9am. So I have to be in Changi Airport by 7am. Wake up early and drag my sleepy friend to hire a cab for the airport.

The good thing about this city-state is that there is not much traffic on the road. I don’t know if they have traffic monitoring board or agency, because I don’t think they need that.

Their drivers don’t swerve. They don’t even honk their horns, making their streets somewhat quiet. This could be the reason why there’s not much vehicular accidents! People are well disciplined on the streets, and everyone follows the traffic rules. You see, when I ask my friend who is based there what are the write ups on their daily newspapers. She said it’s boring. I grab a newspaper and see for myself what Singaporeans read on a daily basis. You know what? Damn, it’s so boring. I mean, no killings, no violence, no politicking, no accidents, no freak news, no onli-in-Singapore kind! Their news are mostly good news feed by their government, unlike in the Philippines where murder, kidnapping, deaths, robbery becomes the daily staple.

Their airport is one of their proudest landmark. And it really is something to be proud of. Classy, convenient, luxurious, sprawling all rolled into one.

My one week vacation has been very memorable in so many levels. I got to see my friend who is based there. I got to see different cultures. I got to experience so many sights and sounds, and enjoy every one of them. I savor different kinds of food and smells. I got amazed by their way of life, and every thing that Singapore has.

Until next time. See you in my next journey!


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