Wealth of the few

Last Monday, I got the chance to be in an exclusive village in Makati. I was there for a “concert”, someone from abroad is going to perform to a select few invitees of a certain organization. My companions are my work colleagues.

I have no expectations from the mini concert; in fact, I was not excited at first. I was thinking, I’d rather go to the gym than be there. But when we got there, I just have to act amazed.

The venue is just a private house, er, mansion of a rich family. It’s like you are entering a house you only got to see in telenovelas on TV. Swimming pool, centralized air con, fully furnished comfy seats, maids in uniforms, and the like. And there are about close to a hundred guests. And it fits the sala area. Yep, that big.

It made you realize that this country has its own face for poverty, but it also has its face for the super rich. All you have to do is enter those exclusive villages in Makati.


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